A sweet heirloom handmade by Blank Supply. Filled with lavender and rice, these bears are nostalgic and one-of-a-kind.

To use : 

COLD : Place your bear on a clean surface inside the freezer (or inside of a bag). Leave for a minimum of 4 hours. Use to help prevent swelling, sore muscles, headaches, and more!

HEAT : Heat in clean microwave for 30-second increments until desired temperature is reached. Do not cook for longer than 2 minutes to prevent long grain rice from burning.

TIP : Every 3-5 uses, put a glass of water in the microwave with your bear. This will help keep the rice moist and prevent it from drying up. This will help keep the rice particles intact.

DO NOT : Do not : eat the contents of the bear, heat it in a regular stove oven or place it on children unsupervised. Overheating may cause a fire. Test bear temperature before applying it to bare skin.


Blank Supply is an NYC-based studio with the philosophy to create from what already exists. Each on-of-a-kind item is made using hand-sourced vintage textiles with all the natural wear+tear that comes with being pre-loved. We are committed to honoring the beauty and talent of the artisans who crafted these vintage quilts and materials and strive to make each piece a work of art in its own right, extending the life of something that may have been otherwise forgotten.