Calendula Erfurter Orangefarbige Seeds

Erfurter Orangefarbige is a variety of calendula bred specifically for its medicinal virtues. Although the whole plant has long been used as a culinary and medicinal herb, the bright orange flowers alone are recommended for kitchen use today, since the leaves are very bitter. The flowers are mild tasting and slightly sweet, and can be used both in savoury and sweet dishes – the nickname ‘pot marigold’ comes from its popular use in the soup pot. When dried, its petals, which have been called ‘poor man’s saffron’, can be used to create a natural dye or, funnily enough, in chicken feed to make egg yolks extra vibrant!
  • Latin name Calendula officinalis
  • Name Calendula Variety Erfurter Orangefarbige
  • Quantity 45 seeds
  • Plant size Height 30 cm Width 30 cm
  • Container size Height 25 cm Width 25 cm
  • Companion plant All vegetables benefit from the presence of calendula – especially tomatoes, radishes and carrots.