cousu de fil blanc - Savon Lavande


Lavender soap: A soap with the fragrance of Provence that combines the purifying and regenerating virtues of essential oils of lavender and palmarosa*. Rich in macadamia oil*, it is suitable for all skin types. * From organic farming Pure vegetable soap - no dye - paraben free - finished product not tested on animals

SOAP 3.5oz

All our soaps are handcrafted by a master soap maker, with the greatest respect for ancestral know-how. To 100% vegetable bases, we add the highest quality raw materials, organics vegetable oils, clays, mountain honey, essential oils and plants selected for their beneficial properties.

Savon lavande : Un savon au parfum de Provence qui associe les vertus purifiantes et régénérantes des huiles essentielles de lavande* et de palmarosa*. Riche en huile de macadamia*, il convient à tous les types de peau. * Issu de l'agriculture biologique Savon pur vegetal – sans colorant – sans paraben – produit fini non testé sur les animaux

*ingrédients issus de l’agriculture biologique

*ingredients from organic produce